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WanderKit™ is officially a Public Benefit Corporation!

Author - Susie J, CEO @ WanderKit

Being a wanderer means caring about the planet and leaving a positive impact on our local communities. And as wanderers ourselves, we are thrilled to announce that WanderKit is officially a certified Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) as of June 2022! We are fully committed to building a sustainability and community-driven business that puts environmental and people’s needs before those of shareholders and advertisers. As a PBC, WanderKit must commit to giving back to society and/or the environment. Additionally, we must report on the company’s overall social and environmental performance.

Our mission has always been simple: to build human connections and to share fun, authentic experiences. We strive to accomplish our mission by carefully curating sustainable adventures and selecting partners who share our values. We vow to promote social good causes and eco-friendly travel/tourism to wanderers seeking to explore the globe. As WanderKit continues to grow our community and expand to different corners around the world, we encourage all wanderers and travelers to minimize their carbon footprint and environmental disruption.

Our Brand Promise

  • Never sell user personal data or cookies to third parties

  • Minimize company carbon footprint as much as possible

  • Do not promote brands that conduct harmful business practices

  • Prioritize user safety and privacy on/offline

  • Pro-bono marketing services and advertising credit to non-profits & NGOs

Eco-friendly Wanderlust Tips

  • Rent a bike or take the train, instead of scooter or car

  • Buy products with recycled or eco-friendly materials such as backpacks, bags, toothbrushes, etc.

  • Minimize plastic consumption by using shampoo bars instead of plastic bottles

  • Check the ingredients in your sunscreen to ensure there’s no oxybenzone, which is toxic to coral reefs and sea creatures

As we plan our future exploration and travels, let’s ensure that we keep carbon mitigation, global conservation, and the respect of local communities at the front of our minds. From small gestures, like eating at locally owned restaurants to volunteering for nature clean-ups, you can embrace wanderlust wherever you are while supporting sustainable and social good initiatives.



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