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Join our global community of explorers, wanderers, and nomads!


    A community focused on helping people discover adventures and make genuine connections with other like-minded wanderers

We encourage and enable travelers & locals alike to connect through shared experiences, whether it’s in person or virtually. We are looking for innovative, audacious, and compassionate world explorers to join our "Adventure Advocate” ambassador program. Ambassadors will plan, curate, and promote safe, social distanced events/adventures and virtual experiences while representing the WanderKit brand around the world!


Together, let's inspire our wanderlust community to explore, travel, and connect in-person.


  • Passionate about exploration, adventure, and sharing fun experiences

  • Sociable, energetic, outgoing, open-minded, and have a natural compassion for the planet and your community

  • Knowledgeable about diverse cultures, travel insights, and/or safety tips

  • Experienced in planning and organizing virtual and/or in-person activities



Encourage sense of adventure, open mindedness and curiosity

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Share your adventures, tips and recommendations with our wanderlust community

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Join our global ambassadors to brainstorm ideas and adventures to safely bring travel and social back


  • Free entry for ticketed WanderKit events

  • Compensation based on adventure attendees, category and/or duration 

  • Discounted partnership benefits

  • Travel products and brand swag

  • Expand your international travel network

  • Be a part of a fast growing movement to change the way we socialize and travel

Steps to Apply

  1. Apply through Google form

  2. Submit application video 

  3. Schedule chat with WanderKit team

  4. Create and share your adventure on WanderKit app!

  5. Collaborate with local and global Adventure Advocates to promote WanderKit's brand mission

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Seattle, USA

"WanderKit app is the perfect tool for a solo female traveler, like myself. Having access to an app that connects me to other nearby travelers and adventurers builds my confidence in traveling to locations I may have never gone by myself in the past."

Dog Shelter


Madrid, Spain

"I’ve always wanted to help enhance human welfare and social good causes around the world. WanderKit allows me to share my community initiatives and fundraising events to bring awareness to my social good projects."

Swimming in Natural Hot Spring


Seoul, South Korea

"As an WanderKit Adventure Advocate, I love sharing exciting adventures such as virtual tours and art/music/event live-streams to share my city and culture with other wanderers."


with us

Send us a message if you have adventure ideas or feedback you would like to share!

We'll be in touch soon!

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