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An individual who roams freely without a specific destination or purpose.

About Us

WanderKit™ is a public benefit corporation aimed to connect adventurous spirits from all around the globe through shared experiences. Our mission is to help the wanderlust community easily discover adventures and inspire other wanderers from all walks of life. We are a small team of friends, lifelong travelers and daily explorers.


WanderKit strive to be a new breed of social platform that focuses on offline experiences and building genuine connections. We also pledge to donate 10% of all net profits to help social causes and NGO organizations around the world. 

Our core values


Encourage a sense of adventure, open mindedness and curiosity.


Ensure users’ safety and privacy are always our top priority.


Create an open, inclusive and diverse community. 


Make socially conscious, ethical and sustainable business decisions.


Raise awareness about social good initiatives around the world.

WanderKit Promise

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Never sell user personal data or cookies to third parties

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Minimize company carbon footprint as much as possible

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Do not promote brands that conducts harmful business practices

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Prioritize user safety and privacy on and offline

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Pro-bono marketing services and advertising credit* to non-profit organizations

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Privacy is our priority

We advocate for and safeguard the safety and privacy of all our adventurers by never selling any user data or cookies to third parties and provide transparency on data usage.

Love the Earth

Green Promise

We strive to be conscious of our environment by minimizing our company’s carbon footprint and opting for eco-conscious business practices and adventure options.

Meet the Founders

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CEO & CoFounder

Susie is a creative solo traveler who’s passionate about sharing her constant pursuit for adventure and inspiring others to embark on their wanderlust journey.


Her driving force in creating WanderKit is to learn about different cultures and meet people from every corner of the globe. 

Mike Profile.jpg


COO & CoFounder

Mike is an explorer by nature and lives for expanding his horizons while traveling both solo and with friends.


His passion for being a global citizen and creating memorable experiences is his motivation for starting Wanderkit.

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