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Become a WanderKit partner, sponsor or supporter!

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    WanderKit is driven by the thrill of seeking new adventures and meeting like-minded explorers around the world. Our partners and sponsors join our mission in building a strong sense of community and wanderlust by providing adventure content, local/travel tips, venues, and special promotions. We aim to promote our partner and sponsors through brand collaborating,  on marketing campaigns or other business initiatives. 


   Helping local communities and inspiring wanderers is at the core of our company DNA. We help non-profits and social goods with fundraising efforts, event planning, and recruiting international volunteer 100% pro-bono. We believe building a platform for social connections and embracing diversity can bring positive impact and driven business engagement with brands like yours.  

WanderKit Partnership Overview PDF

Learn more about WanderKit brand mission, community efforts and partnership opportunities.

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Encourage sense of adventure, open mindedness and curiosity

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Share your adventures, tips and recommendations with our wanderlust community

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Join our global ambassadors to brainstorm ideas and adventures to safely bring travel and social back

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We'd love to learn more about your business or organization to discuss how we can collaborate together on events, adventures, and brand partnerships.

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