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Wanderer's Must Haves - Travel Insurance

Something we often overlook but is crucial is travel insurance. It is a must for being in another country in case something goes wrong.

We listed a few options depending on what kind of coverage you are looking for.

  1. General Travel Insurance - This covers unanticipated problems that are as basic as lost baggage, delayed flights, or a medical emergency. Some carriers that have great comprehensive travel insurance options are Allainz, World Nomads, Travelex, and InsureMyTrip. Also, many airlines offer basic travel insurance when you pay at checkout, so look out for these deals when you are booking your next trip!

  2. International Health Insurance - This is another option to consider when you are traveling as a digital nomad or for longer periods of time. International health insurance differs from traditional travel insurance because it also covers routine medical visits, dental, physical therapy, and other emergency medical services. If you are planning on long-term traveling, this would be a good option because your day-to-day medical needs will be covered in addition to unexpected emergencies. Find an international insurance from your country or airline that covers international travel or specific for the country you're visiting.

  3. Hybrid Insurance - A third option if you'd like to be prepared for any possible scenario or aren't sure about your definite travel itinerary is to purchase a hybrid plan. A great place to start is with Safety Wing, which has a Nomad Insurance that combines health insurance and travel insurance for as low as $42/month!

If you are still not sure which type of insurance or which provider is right for your trip, we’ve provided a few extra resources for you:



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