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Volunteer Recognition Day

Happy Volunteer Recognition Day, wanderers!

On this day, we'd like to feature Sandra F. from Spain who is currently a wanderer based in Italy. Sandra has spent the last year volunteering with an organization called the European Solidarity Corps. With the different programs and opportunities in the organization, Sandra was able to travel to other countries, explore new cultures and languages, and participate in a variety of activities to contribute to the local communities during the pandemic. She volunteered in Poland for 2 months to build the second youth center of the country to provide a space for them to meet, socialize, and engage in activities together. Sandra also collaborated in another project in Italy for 10 months, where she assisted in various international and national projects to help spread knowledge to the youth about the benefits of the opportunities that the European Union gives to them.

Volunteering brings together like-minded people and gives you the chance to be a part of a community with a shared mission of wanting to help others. WanderKit's growing community of volunteers and nomads inspire us to share the same social good values and global-minded philosophies!

Stayed tuned for Sandra's blog post about her volunteer experience in Senegal! Connect with other wanderers and volunteers all over the world in WanderKit app 🌎


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