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WanderKit App Update: 2022 Is The Year For New Adventures and Connections

We know how difficult it has been to travel and explore, to get out there and start crossing adventures off your bucket list and get back into the wanderlust spirit. But we want to help you start wandering and join us on adventures – and we’re waiting for you to go out and explore.

We’ve got some exciting new updates that make it easier, and safer, to go out, join, create, and embark on adventures. We hope to inspire your inner wanderlust and share how we’ve safely wandered and how you, too, can wander with us!

Welcome to a new "Home" screen

Explore more with our new 'Home' page!

Our ‘Home’ feature is your go-to adventure feed where you can see, join, and be in the know of what adventures your fellow wanderers are going on. Even better, invite your wanderlust friends to WanderKit™ and tag them on adventures to share your adventures with our community!

Tip for traveling: location based tips and updates

So you’re in a new city and want exciting new tips that cover the basics to discovering secret local-exclusive hacks? Planning and staying in the know with our new Tips feature has never been easier. Make the most out of your adventures and stay updated on how to make friends when you’re traveling solo, stay safe when abroad, relevant health updates and guidelines, and more!

Explore and create connections around the world. Literally.

If you’re curious to discover fellow wanderers around the globe, connect with them, and see what adventures they’ve got planned, we’ve added a ‘Nearby Wanderers’ feature for you to check out! Create connections with people from literally all around the world from locations as close as 5 miles/8km.

Join our global wanderlust community to get your foot out of the door and start adventuring!

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