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WanderKit Summer Launch Party

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Join us on a once in a lifetime pirate adventure in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Tenerife. Celebrate WanderKit's new app launch as we cruise along to sunset island vibes, dancing, treasure hunts and Captain's secret stash of forbidden booze.


Enjoy the golden hour and meet other nomads and wanderers as we sail onboard the infamous "Peter Pan' ship, docked in Los Cristianos. 

¡¡ Costume Contest !!

☠️ Come dressed as a Pirate or Mermaid/Merman for a chance to win the costume contest 🧜‍♀️

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MAY 27, 2023    l    17-19h

RSVP via WanderKit app to redeem discount price €20 (€30 value)

How to confirm your spot





Download WanderKit app     

Tap on Discover or search "WanderKit Atlantic Adventure"

'Join'         this adventure to confirm your spot!

Invite & connect with friends to share this adventure!

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Thanks for confirming! We can can't wait to meet you 👯

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