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WanderKit™ is a social app to help people discover fun adventures and connect with other wanderers around the world.

We want to encourage and enable travelers and locals alike to connect through shared experiences, no matter where they are.


WanderKit™ is inspired by everyday explorers and wanderers just like you. We want to encourage and enable travelers and locals alike to connect through shared experiences, no matter where they are.


We believe our passion for discovering adventures and learning about different cultures across the globe can bring us closer together.

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Become a WanderKit™ "Adventure Advocate"

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WanderKit™ is looking for creative thinkers and worldly explorers as our ‘Adventure Advocate” brand ambassadors. You must be able to organize local activities or host online live adventures to help promote WanderKit app and/or our social distance adventures.


Our ‘Adventure Advocates’ are energetic, innovative and determined individuals who would like to help us promote our adventure-seeking mission and join our WanderKit community.

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What is WanderKit™?

WanderKit is a social and travel planning app. Connect with other travelers and build meaningful relationships around the world. Explore new destinations and experience adventures outside your comfort zone so you can live fully and wander freely.

What kind of adventures can I find?

WanderKit brings a variety of adventures and unique experiences to enrich your daily routines. Whether you're looking for local biking buddy for nomadic explorations or want to join group of backpackers on a trek through the Himalayas. Uncover new hobbies and opportunities that fits your interests.

Do I have to pay for WanderKit?

WanderKit is free for all users.

Travel tip: Use the app on wifi or turning off location services to reduce data usage.

How do I meet other wanderers?
Our community of wanderers share their adventures and travel insights in WanderKit app. Add new friends by scanning their QR code, search by name or try the new "Search Nearby Wanders" feature.

How do I join WanderKit™?

Join WanderKit by signing up trough our Android or iOS app! We are also looking for Adventure Advocates to join our team and help us grow the travelers community by sharing your experiences and travel tips. You can apply to be WanderKit ambassador at

Is my information safe?

Your information is 100% safe and never shared with third party and comply with GDPR data compliance. For additional safety measure, we suggest using a custom password to unlock your WanderKit.

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