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Summer is here in Porto! Our 5 tips for Festa de São João 2024.

Getting ready to officially welcome the summer in Porto? Here are our wander tips to navigate the festivities on the biggest celebration night of the year.

  1. If going with friends or a group, choose a meetup spot away from the busy areas by Duomo river. We are inviting all wanderers to join us near Praça dos Poveiros. See more details 

  2. Wear flat, comfortable shoes. Maybe even hiking shoes if you want to get high up for better views.

  3. Buy hammers and lanterns in advance. Most shops may sell out and require long queue.

  4. Carry a cooler or bring a backpack to carry your drinks & snacks. You may be walking for hours so avoid waiting at the shops or bars to replenish.

  5. Be one (or #2) with nature. Unfortunately as humans, especially women, we will need banheiros few times throughout the night. Carry wet wipes or toilet paper just in case!

See you all July 23 for a night of unforgettable celebrations, music/dancing and fireworks!


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